• October 22, 2020

To the little one I love

Dedicated to the joy of our lives, my nephew:


To see my childhood unfold through your unbridled laughter,
and watch those who loved me love you too.
To catch the sparkle in your innocent eyes at all things new,
and realise this world suddenly stands at its dawn again.
To dance with you, holding your tiny hands,
wishing time would stand still.
To hear you call my name
and know that I will defend you with all my might.

You are light and glory,
the pureness of snow and spring lamb.
Your little shadow takes up
a gigantic space in my heart.
You are the culmination of those who have come before you,
layer upon latticed layer of wondrous miracle crystallised into a sapphire gem.
You are hope renewed, dreams invested, joy boundless.
A prince, my warrior, our supernova.