English Chinese Translation

Bilingual copywriting & translation service for all your business needs.

Good Brand Story offers English-Chinese and Chinese-English translation for your brand.

Ready to conquer a new market? As a bilingual wordsmith, I understand the essence of both the Chinese and English cultures. I will use carefully crafted words to knit your ideas together. By translating everything there is to know about your brand, we will overcome the cultural barrier and reach out to your target audience seamlessly.


您正准备征服新的业务市场吗?中、英两种语言都是我的母语。 身为专业撰稿人和双语词匠,我擅长将中文材料转化为富有创意即优雅流畅的英文作品,天衣无缝地为您的业务编织能跨文化又体现出品牌真髓的信息。无论主题、内容及项目类型,我均能掌握中、英两种语言和文化的精髓,助您开拓新的业务市场,向目标群体发出不仅达意,更是精彩的讯息!



Get to the essence of each word


Influence Potential Clients

Give your brand credibility by speaking in the language of your customers. Give your customers a reason to love you and embrace the values you stand for.


Increase Reach

Why restrict your brand to a location when you can conquer the world? Compete effectively by expanding your reach. Better yet, go where your competitors have not yet ventured and fly your flag there.


Translate Real Meaning

Translation is an art form. Instead of relying on translation apps that fail to capture the essence of your brand messages, hire the right help to professionally translate your business copy and get the true meaning across to your readers.

Translate your vision

We want your readers to fall in love with you, your customers to become loyal fans, your competitors to scramble in despair. We want your followers to join your tribe, heed your war cry, and embrace everything you stand for. We want to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with you as you make a mark in the world.