Brand Storytelling Strategy

Give your brand a soul, give it a good story.

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relationships, stories and magic.

– Seth Godin

Here’s why you need to be story-driven as a business today.

Reasons fade and facts can be forgotten, but emotions linger on at the back of our minds, which is why stories last through time.

Statistics have shown that we can remember stories 22 times better than facts! Stories do a brilliant job of evoking emotions. We are driven by emotions, which in turn dictate our decision-making. If you want people to listen, tell them a story. If you want to find a way to their hearts, move them with a story.

The first steps to shaping your brand story begins with truly knowing every facet of your brand. My services include:

  • Brand review and audit
  • Audience segmentation
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand archetype
  • Competitive analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Developing your very own brand story using an exclusive Good Brand Story framework.

Good Brand Story Framework


Step 1

Identity & Insight

Who are you? What drives you as a brand? What makes you strong? We get to the core of your brand values by asking the right questions and by actively listening. Combining keen observation and sharp analytical thinking, we derive at an insight.


Step 2

What Makes You Unique

What are your hopes and dreams? What are you passionate about? When days are dark how did you overcome challenges? And who are the awesome people you work with? Let’s find out what grounds you and discover what makes you stand out and stand tall.


Step 3

Claim, Champion, Celebrate

The three Cs are catchy, but not gimmicky. When you boldly rise up to seize what you believe in, to proudly declare it as yours, that is when you start to become who and what you want to be.


Step 4

The Plot Thickens

A phenomenal story is as much about the plot as it is about the execution. Let’s plan how your story should unfold. Roll out your call to adventure, and beckon your audience to go on a journey with you.

Claim your true brand story

We want your readers to fall in love with you, your customers to become loyal fans, your competitors to scramble in despair. We want your followers to join your tribe, heed your war cry, and embrace everything you stand for. We want to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with you as you make a mark in the world.