More about my pro bono work.

On a macro level, I believe in giving back and wish to use my abilities to help others in need. On a micro level, I like to stay sharp and creatively-charged by working with a diverse array of clients.

Depending on my work schedule and availability, I would love to help a company once a quarter by giving free consultation on their brand storytelling strategy or help with copywriting. Please get in touch and let me know your interest in this collaboration. Priority is given to companies who are engaged in charity work or non-profit projects.


FAQ on working with me.

I believe in working with people whom I share aligned values with, or even better, whom I have a good click with. As a creative, it is important for me to select clients and projects based on what interests or inspires me.

If you are looking for the cheapest freelance copywriter or a low-cost content creator, that is not me. When you hire me, you get a partner. Someone who will collaborate with you to nail your brand story, go the extra mile to make sure the copy is on-point, and brainstorm with you to solve your problems. You get my creative expertise, dedication, eye for detail, and also my years of experience.

I work with integrity and believe in fair and transparent pricing. I do not outsource my assignments and will personally craft each piece of writing for you.

Even if we do not end up working together, I would advise you to think twice before opting for cheap work. Your company and your brand deserve to be nurtured, and you should do so with solid people who can contribute to your long-term success.

What do I charge for a project?

I offer my services at value-packed, no-surprise pricing that is transparent and fair.

My rate varies depending on the size and scope of each assignment because every project is different.

The easiest way to find out how much I charge for your project is to get in touch with me, either via LinkedIn or IG. Fill me in on the details and I will reply within 48 hours.

By the way, I hate a hard sell, so feel free to reach out without worrying about being bombarded with aggressive sales tactics. At the end of the day, the first contact is about getting to know each other and finding out if we can work well together.

Charging by the hour vs per project.

I can charge by the hour or quote you a fixed price for your project. It depends on the project, so let’s have a chat to find out what works best for you.

Fixed price project is great when you have a clearly outlined brief that states what the deliverables are. Once you have conveyed your requirements, you will receive a custom quote along with a specification of what the work entails. Knowing the total price before we begin work will also mean you get to manage your budget right from the start.

If you do not know the scope or frequency of the work, or simply need a copywriter to jump in whenever you have an assignment or edit a piece of writing, hourly contract might be better. Also, with an hourly contract, you pay just for the time taken to do the work, so there is no need to plan out a clear outline as compared to a fixed price project.

What about charging by words?

I do not charge by the word.

When I am immersed in your brand and your business, it’s almost like a 24/7 job. Even when I am not writing, planning or researching, you can be sure that I am thinking about your company, what we can do better, how we can present your brand in the best light.

As you can see, copywriting is not a commodity, it’s a professional service, so charging by word count is not the appropriate price model. Every piece of work requires research, analysis, delving into your brand, and conceptualising before embarking on the actual craft of writing. What you receive is customised content, created just for you.

Let's work together

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