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I am a specialist in developing content and original articles for companies around the world, with emphasis on niches such as food & wine, travel, e-commerce, health, beauty & wellness, luxury goods & services, culture, and sustainability. I have spent years immersed in these subjects and have enjoyed every second of the process. These are topics that are close to my heart and I can talk about them at great lengths. They ignite my creativity and fire up my imagination. It will be my pleasure to work with you in these fields.


I am passionate and knowledgeable about food. From local street food take-aways to international food trends, my pursuit is taste, flavour and provenance.

When I was eighteen, I contemplated giving up a very good tertiary education to run away to France to be a chef. I was quickly talked out of this “impractical career path”. If I were not a writer and branding specialist today, I would have loved very much to be a food critic or a baker who obsessively tries to make the best baguette in the world. But oh, one can only dream.

Back to my real life – I enjoy interesting Michelin-starred fine dining experiences as much as hunting down authentic eateries that are frequented by locals. This also allows me to go off the beaten path during my travels and get to know each destination more intimately. In fact, it’s almost a given that I plan my trips around the places I want to eat. Even though I am not a professional chef, I am proud to call myself a seasoned home cook who particularly enjoys replicating the hawker dishes I miss from home.


I caught wanderlust at quite a young age.

The first odyssey I undertook changed my life for good. I was continents away from my family and lightyears away from everything I used to know. In the land of tapas and home of Gaudí, I drank in freedom and became a temporary native.

The second journey I embarked on was made up of a midnight stroll in the city of lights where I wished upon a shooting star, got lost amidst arrondissements and discovered the freshest croissants on earth. It was a cultural eye-opening that shook me to the core and cast me into a reverie which I never quite recover from.

The third voyage brought me to a new shore and to my true love, where I finally realised that home is where the heart is. There have been many other expeditions around the globe since, and beyond my fair share of adventures, I write so that I can bring readers through experiences – be it real or imaginary – with me.


Born in Singapore, bilingually-educated, lived and worked in various cities across Europe, talented in picking up new languages, married to a Dutch. Not many people can claim to understand a culture beyond their own, but I have had the privilege of living one life and seeing the world through different cultural lenses.

Need someone to wax lyrical about Southeast Asia’s unique street food culture? Looking to conjure travel moments that lead readers from the lantern-lit lanes of mystical Kyoto to the far-flung beaches of windy Mykonos? What about introducing the history of the folkloric textiles of Oaxaca, or taking an in-depth look at the art of making Jingdezhen pottery?

Versatile, deeply curious and wildly imaginative, I am the scribe who can shape the story you want.


We are standing at a tipping point in human history. I believe businesses should embrace their abilities to do good and I support brands that champion sustainability as well as give back to their communities.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with entrepreneurs who dream big, fearlessly carve out new paths and go out of their ways to support the worthy causes they believe in. Through our collaborations, I’ve not only learned much from these visionaries but have also been deeply inspired by their passions and actions. Are you one of these trailblazers? Let’s talk.

Lifestyle & E-Commerce

Years of working with different brands and immersing in e-commerce have also sharpened me as a consumer. When I consult for a lifestyle brand, I bring my industry expertise as well as my opinion as a customer. I believe actions speak louder than words, and successful businesses in the lifestyle sphere should strive to be authentic. Fluff is not enough. You should possess style, substance and soul.

My interest in lifestyle branding has paved the way for working with businesses in industries such as F&B, health & wellness, luxury products & services, skincare & beauty as well as solopreneurs listing their works on Etsy and Amazon.

A Force For Good

Good Brand Story is borne from the spirit of wanting to stay true to our core as we tell good stories and create meaningful connections. We want to be a light in the world, an advocate for doing what is good and right.

Once a quarter, I would love to help one company by giving free consultation on their brand storytelling strategy or help with copywriting. Please get in touch and let me know your interest in this collaboration. Priority is given to companies who are engaged in charity work or non-profit projects.

We also want to celebrate you, especially if you are an individual or a brand who also aspires to be a beacon of light. Be featured in our In Good Company series and join other visionary business leaders who are making a positive impact across the globe.

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