• July 15, 2020

Rainy day memories

Today, I heard the frantic pitter-patter of rain on the zinc roof. It felt so nostalgic because it reminded me of childhood and the farm house from many years ago. How deafening a mid-day deluge could be, making an afternoon of rain feel like the end of the world to a ten-year-old. Just like how I never knew I would miss seeing the mountains until I live in the low country, I have never realised just how much I have missed torrential rain until this morning!

The smell of a thunderstorm in the tropics can be mesmerising. The sound of jumbo raindrops smashing onto the ground composes a symphony that only Mother Nature is capable of. Admiring the lush plants getting lusher as they drink in this heavenly water. Being enshrouded within the unbearable humidity that suffocates the air right after a brief downpour. These are some of my favourite rainy day memories.