• December 14, 2019

Keds x Kate Spade: Walk a mile in your client’s shoes

Which girl does not like shoes? If you don’t, it only means you have not found what you are looking for. Different consumers love and buy shoes for different reasons. Some collect them, some only own a few pairs for practical reasons. Some care about how the shoes look and the statement they make from being worn, think about Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choos, others simply crave comfort.

What if we can marry comfort with looks?

Keds is an American shoe brand that is known for canvas shoes with rubber soles. That doesn’t sound sexy but at least it sounds comfortable. I love the clear position Keds stands for as written on their website:

Forever a foot ahead. We started designing sneakers for women in 1916 with a simple, yet chic take on canvas footwear. Our goal was and still is to empower women to be who they want to be and go where they want to go.

This is not a brand that sells shoes. It is advocating empowerment of women. It promises a simple yet chic take on its footwear. And chic it is, especially when the company began collaborating with other brands to launch capsule collections of gorgeous shoes.

One of the most exciting partnership is with Kate Spade. These two brands join forces to launch a wedding shoes collection. For someone like me who only wears flat shoes, comfort is very important – be it for my work shoes or travel shoes or wedding shoes. Most brands usually sacrifice comfort for style. I get it. Trends sell. Comfort is for boring un-fashionistas. I accept that, since I’d rather wear cushy shoes that make me feel like I’m walking on clouds, than stylish ones that made me cringe in pain with every step.

The question has to be asked. Why can’t we have flat shoes that are beautiful and comfortable, worthy of weddings and daily wear? Brides want to look their most beautiful. It is hard to look ravishing wearing sneakers. Brides want to dance all night. How can they when they are restricted by heels? Brides have to stand on their feet all the time, interacting with guests, celebrating with loved ones. How can they when their feet hurt like #$%^?

What story has been told here?

This wedding shoes collection shows us that Keds and Kate Spade care. They listen. They empathise. This team literally walked in our shoes and created a brilliant product that checks all our boxes! They didn’t just stop with one look. They thought about what would appeal to brides. They might even convince ladies who only wear heels to give these flats a try because these shoes are so pretty that anyone who loves shoes would consider getting them. These shoes have glitter, they come with ribbon shoelaces (and normal ones), they have polka dots, pearls, flowers; they are available in various dreamy, romantic colors to suit different personalities. One can wear this even after a wedding! Score!

By championing the needs of their clients, the brand ends up being celebrated by them. By standing up for empowerment and staying true to it, Keds went on to carve out a niche in the market for themselves. By creating a product that marries style and comfort, Keds’ brand story is being told by all who wore their lovely shoes. What happens next? Love and loyalty ensue.