• March 1, 2020

Finding a voice in your story

I am a fan of Little Women.

The novel holds a special place in my heart. From the very first moment I picked up Louisa May Alcott’s book at a fair as a ten-year-old, to the day I stepped out of the cinema as a teenager, weeping over Jo’s rejection of Laurie, to last evening, driving home in the company of my very own “Teddy”, discussing Greta Gerwig’s most rendition with great passion; to call myself a fan might just be an understatement.

A true classic never fades away. It gets better with time, like fine wine. And a true classic can survive being picked apart and put back together again, in the hands of a connoisseur. Greta Gerwig showed us that she understands the core of this story, and her confidence comes through with this new spin.

For me, I am still loyal to the 1994 version, where Christian Bale perfected Laurie, and Winona Ryder made me feel like there’s also a Jo March and a writer in me.

However, what I was most impressed with for this 2019 Oscar-nominated piece was how each woman in the movie gets the chance to shine through. From wardrobe to lines, each woman has a distinct voice.

It got me thinking: If we were to view personal branding as a way to tell our own stories, then having a unique voice is essential.

The same goes for your company. The choice of words you use, the way your website looks, the interaction you craft with your customers, they all shape how you are perceived, and ultimately, how you are loved.

Having a strong and singular voice will set you apart from the others. It is persuasive, convincing and compelling. Nuances and details will determine your success, so keep that in mind, even though it is “just an email reply” or “just a simple caption on Instagram”.

You can choose to be empowering or forgettable. You can champion emotions or inundate readers with facts. It is never too late to seek a voice that best expresses your values, communicates your priorities, and embodies your brand. The most important thing is to start seeking!