• May 12, 2020

Are blogs dead?

Blogging is still a great way to tell a part of your brand story. From effective SEO-friendly articles to guides and listicles, get creative on ways to reach your target audience! Blogging not only reels in traffic but more importantly, it establishes you as the voice of authority over a subject matter related to your business. Being the authority on a subject also helps your business to build trust and relationships with your readers.

You probably know that the benefits of blogging for your business are many, and content is king, but our busy schedules force us to relegate content creation to something we do only when we have time. And even then, the challenge is to produce engaging content that includes keywords which are friendly for search engines. Such effort is hard to keep up consistently but it is ever so essential.

So why is high quality content essential for your business?

Quality content not only educates your readers, but it also helps to engage them. This form of engagement can lead to getting interested readers to take action. Be it purchasing a product from your website or hiring you for a specific service, if the reader finds your content valuable, they will come to trust you and feel positive about giving you their business. Even if your reader does not need your product or service at this point in time, knowing that you are the authority in your field would also mean they remember you. They might come back to you later on, when they require your help.

Part of my writing service is to help businesses strategise the possible types of content that they could explore and use. Of course, being a versatile writer means I could craft the blog articles for you too. I have had the pleasure of creating different types of blog posts and some have even made it to the first page of Google! Whatever your needs are or the challenges you currently face, feel free to discuss them with me. I hope to be of some help.